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Sajad Ali returns with ‘Na Tum Samjhe’

Sajad Ali returns with ‘Na Tum Samjhe’

After almost two years of silence, famous melodious-voiced Sajad Ali has made his comeback with ‘Na Tum Samjhe’ which is based on the work of poet Saba Akbar Abadi and is a delicate, melodic, pensive tune.

The song begins with Sajad’s heart-touching voice as he sings:

Hamaray aur tumharay raastey me eik naya pan tha, naya pan tha

Magar dunya puraani hai, na tum samjeh, na hum samjhe.

Ye eik esi kahani hai, na tum samjhe, na hum samjhe

Jawaani, zindegaani hai na tum samjhe na hum samjhe.

Ye eik esi kahani hai, na tum samjhe, na hum samjhe”

Although the lyrics suggest unreciprocated love between two lovers, the video depicts four different aspects: a singer, a theatre artist, a corporate worker and a student.

Singing the song, Sajad himself acts like an omniscient spectator as others play their roles with the singer striving to get rid his hesitation, the artist attempting to perfect his delivery, the corporate worker getting worked up and the student struggling to get his attention onto his studies.

Here is the song:

Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan is still in demand

Pakistani singer Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, known for his hit Bollywood songs such as Mitwa and Yeh Honsla, is ready with his third album Muh Dikhai, which will be released on March 20 on Times Music.

“It’s an album which is coming out after five years. I’ve not worked on any specific genre in this album. There are more Punjabi songs this time for a change and I’m excited about the response from people,” Khan, who has his roots in classical music, said in an email interview from Lahore, Pakistan.

Asked why he chose to launch Muh Dikhai in India, where album sales are declining, Khan said: “CD as a format may have gone down, but music consumption is at an all-time high. The difference is that it happens digitally now.”

“I’ve been inundated with fan messages for the last few years asking me for a new album and new content,” said the singer, who has performed all over the world including India, Singapore, Britain and Dubai.

Veena Malik announces return to Pakistan and a comeback!

Veena Malik announces return to Pakistan and a comeback!

Controversial actress Veena Malik has stated her desire to work in films again after a brief hiatus.

Yes, the controversial Pakistani actress has promised to stage a full fledged comeback in the entertainment industry and has announced her return to Pakistan in April next month!

The controversial actress was in Dubai with her husband and newborn son, adjusting to the new life roles of wife and mother. Speaking to a local source, Veena stated that she had decided to stage a comeback and planned to return to Pakistan in April this year. She also disclosed that she had been approached for multiple projects related to TV and films but she hadn’t approved any as of yet. Veena was also of the view that since she had been blessed with two new roles; as a wife and a mother, she had to take important decisions of her life based on sound thinking and much deliberation.

Alia Bhatt and her hot kisses

As per a report on, Alia Bhatt will be seen romancing Fawad Khan and Sidharth Malhotra in Karan Johar’s Kapoor & Sons. Karan Johar has revealed that the film is a love triangle and Fawad-Alia have never shared screen space earlier and it will be interesting to see their chemistry. But will we get to see Alia Bhatt doing some steamy scenes with B-town’s most eligible bachelor, Sidharth and heartthrob, Fawad Khan? For that we will have to wait and watch!